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    Caribbean BlueBook is a digital travel platform that brings together all of the Caribbean in one place - the countries, cultures, activities, influencers, deals, booking choices, and businesses. Join us as we build the world’s biggest and most connected social travel platform dedicated to the Caribbean!

    What We Offer

    Travelers love us because we put the traveler first. You can truly uncover the Caribbean – with tools to help you find the destinations, activities and deals that best match your interests and budget. Our site is curated by a team of expert writers, savvy travelers, local contributors, and social media junkies.

    Expert Travel Tips
    Expert Travel Tips

    Read our blog and get travel tips and ideas from our community and travel writers.…

    Caribbean Travel Community
    Caribbean Travel Community

    Join 15,000+ members, and connect with friends, family and world travelers using our social travel community.…

    Booking Discounts. Everyday.
    Booking Discounts. Everyday.

    Cheapest rates available, including price match guarantee for over 30 Caribbean destinations…

    Trip Planner
    Trip Planner

    Let our trip planner help you save time & money to create your next vacation…

    Quality Caribbean Content
    Quality Caribbean Content

    Read Travel guides and watch videos to learn everything you need to know before your next trip…

    Giveaways & Free Vacations
    Giveaways & Free Vacations

    Opportunities to win free vacations and giveaways from our major travel partners.…


    Why Travelers Join Our Platform

    Our site is curated by a team of expert writers, savvy travelers, and local contributors. Why join? So you can have the most reliable information and best curated content to easily start planning your next trip to warm waters and sandy Caribbean beaches.


    Why Travelers Join

    Watch this short video to learn more about why people join our Caribbean travel platform.

    What People Say

    My main reason for joining Caribbean BlueBook is to engage and share ideas with other members. I like the idea that there is a whole community of (15,000+) like-minded travelers as opposed to disconnected voices. Thanks for creating this platform for people like me.

    Jordalin Ortega

    A friend sent me an invite to join and I didn't want to do it at first. But I started browsing around and was impressed by how much useful content that's here. And I can save some money on hotels and more. Can't wait to see what you do next.

    Reginald Canales

    So happy to have won the giveaway. We were just thinking about taking a few days off for a trip to our favorite Caribbean destination. We've already picked the dates we want to travel. Thank you so very much!!! I am so excited.

    Jill Withrow


    Partner With Us

    We’ve worked with some of the best brands in travel, leisure and hospitality. Companies seeking to inquire about our promotional opportunities can visit our Contact page and complete the short form. A member of our team will quickly get back in touch, usually within 48 hours.

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