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    The Caribbean is one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world with an incredible diversity of history, places, cultures, and people.

    Caribbean BlueBook is a multifaceted digital platform that brings together all that the Caribbean is in one place - the countries, islands, destinations, activities, people and businesses. We’re more than your online connection to the Caribbean. We’re more than a travel or business tool. We’re more than a place for consumers to daydream about their next trip to warm waters and sandy beaches.

    We are a company dedicated to promoting the Caribbean as a single destination encompassing many unique and special places and experiences. We work hard to bring all you need on a single platform so you don't have to spend your precious time chasing all over the web for reliable information and curated content that deserve your attention.

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    What We Do
    Caribbean BlueBook is an online media platform that allows you to explore and learn about the Caribbean – with tools to help you find places and businesses that match your interests and fit within your budget. In addition, the information and resources you will find on Caribbean BlueBook is curated by our team, selected for high quality and to meet your needs.

    Our hands-on approach insures that what you find will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Here at Caribbean BlueBook you can find the places, activities, resources, lifestyles, people and the businesses that represent this part of the world known as the Caribbean.

    Why Choose Us: Features and Benefits
    We want to be your reliable and trusted resource to learn and discover all you need about Caribbean travel, tourism and lifestyle. Caribbean BlueBook provides:

    * Reliable Caribbean information and high quality content curated with our clients and partners.

    * A resource to help to educate and inform you about the Caribbean and the depth, breadth and variety of places and experiences it has to offer.

    * Search tools to find and select destinations, places, and businesses in the Caribbean that match your interests and help you make better travel and travel planning choices.

    * More ways to interact with and explore the Caribbean and find insights that will inform, educate and expand your knowledge and understanding of this historic and multi-faceted region.

    * Pan-Caribbean calendar of major Caribbean holidays and events.

    * Connections with your friends and family on a single, integrated platform to experience the Caribbean and take advantage of special promotions as an individual or as a group.

    * Links to other interesting, high quality, and relevant Caribbean-focused websites and resources.

    * Access to special promotions and offers from our destination partners.

    * Partnerships with expert writers and bloggers to unearth the most fascinating stories and facts about the Caribbean.

    Caribbean BlueBook: Helping You Choose the Caribbean that's Right for You.

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