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  • The Top 10 Beaches in Grande Terre, Guadeloupe

    June 20, 2017 by Carole Adam, Des Hotels et Des Iles

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    Planning a trip to Guadeloupe? If you stay at Bwa Chik Hotel and Golf, we recommend checking out these top 10 beaches in the area!

    1. La Plage de la Datcha (The Datcha Beach): Facing Le Gosier island, this beach is easily accessible coming from downtown Gosier village. This is an agreeable swim and for the experienced swimmers, you will be able to swim all the way to the Gosier Island shore. We also highly recommend not doing this swim alone. For the aficionado of night swimming, a small portion of the beach is lit after sunset. The local beach authorities also offer shower access.

    2. La Plage de Ste Anne (St. Anne Beach): Very popular and often busy, this is the beach you would see on a Caribbean postcard with turquoise crystal clear waters. Because of its high frequentation, this beach may not always have the serenity you expect in a tropical beach, but if you like activities and fun, this is for you. Perfect for kids, as the beach is naturally protected by a coral reef preventing the large waves from reaching the shore.

    One tip though, you may encounter some urchins wandering around; just don’t step on them! If you are lucky, you will also encounter some iguanas! They are used to people and may come to see you for a visit or to say hello!

    You will find numerous small restaurants along the beach with very reasonable rates and a good selection of food. On the beach, you will also see ice cream and sorbet stands. Make sure to taste the famous coconut sherbet!

    3. La Plage de la Caravelle (The Caravelle Beach - pictured above): This is a very large beach that we can easily split in 2 sections. One side of the beach is under the wind which makes it the best spot for surfing and wind surfing. The other side of the beach is quieter and naturally protected from the winds. It is also a great section of the beach for kids, as the waters are very shallow with little to no waves due to the protection of the coral reef in front of it.

    The other advantage for this beach is that you will find numerous spots with shade and you can even rent long beach chairs for a few euros. It is a great spot for snorkeling so don’t forget to bring your snorkeling equipment.

    4. La Plage de Bois Jolan (Bois Jolan Beach): A little jewel that kept its wildness, this white sand beach is 3 quarters of a mile long, with turquoise shallow waters where kids can swim safely. We do recommend to wear water shoes because it is also a paradise for sea urchins. If you like a quiet beach, this is the one to pick during the week. On the weekend, you will enjoy live music and barbecues in that location. Jolan Beach is also a great spot for scuba diving.

    5. Plage Anse Des Chateaux (Castle Bay Beach): Beautiful, wild and energetic would define this beach, where it is dangerous to swim due to very strong waves and undertow.

    However, the sightseeing is unique and it feels like you have reached the end of the world. From the beach, you can take the trail that ends at the Castle Point, where you have a magnificent view of the bay, Le Desirade island and a tonic ocean breeze. A very romantic spot.

    6. La Plage des Salines (Saline Beach): Often windy, this is a long strip of white sand between the ocean and the mangrove, making it a unique eco-system. It is safe to swim in as the beach is protected by the coral reef, except when the wind gets too strong and the waves break on the coral reef, creating energetics waves on the shore.  If you like snorkeling, the coral reef has a multitude of fishes and other sea creatures. This beach has also a good amount of shade and the cool breeze makes it a great spot when the sun is hot.

    7. La Plage du Souffleur (The Blower Beach): White sand beach from a postcard, close to Port Louis. The beach is well maintained and it is safe for kids to swim. If you want to avoid mosquitoes, leave before 5 PM because they meet on this beach every day starting at this time and have a feast until dawn.

    8. Plage Porte D’Enfer (The Hell Gate Beach): Despite the unfriendly name, this is a great location for a small beach carved into the cliff. Be aware of some strong currents at the entrance. To reach this beach you will need some good closed shoes to get on the trail and climb over the rocks to get to the beach. Those rocks can be as sharp as a knife.

    At the end of the trail, you’ll arrive to the legendary "trou mam koko.” A legend says that Madam Koko had sold her soul to the Devil in exchange of good fortune, but she did not respect the deal she had made with the devil and he took her away. Since then, fishermen often spoke about seeing a lady with an umbrella walking on the water by the Hell Gate Beach, along with a scary dark knight on a horse, before she disappears under water.

    9. La Plage des Raisins Clairs (Clear Raisin Beach): Close to St François, this beach with white sand and crystal clear waters is surrounded by raisin trees. The beach is naturally protected by the coral reef and you will see the islands of Desirade and Les Saintes at large. This is a very active beach on the weekend with live music and vendors, where locals like to have fun. Make sure to try the Guadeloupean Bokit, a great sandwich sold on the beach.

    10. Plage de L’Autre Bord (Beach from the Other Side): Golden sands and coconut trees are the decor on this great beach! The infrastructure of this beach is great with some cabanas to get shade, public showers and bathrooms. The crystal clear waters are safe and quiet. Nearby, there is also an aquatic park with a swimming pool and a 150 foot slide - a favorite attraction for kids!

    Have you been to any of these beaches in Guadeloupe? Tell us about your favorite one in the comments below! 

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