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  • The Top 5 Attractions in Trinidad and Tobago

    July 05, 2016 by Nicole Introcaso

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    Trinidad and Tobago is a twin-island nation that is rich in culture and diversified by Amerindian, African, Caribbean, Chinese, European, and Indian populations. While boasting the traditional, natural beauty of a Caribbean destination, it is hard not to notice how much influence these cultures have had on society. Our list of the top 5 attractions in Trinidad and Tobago incorporates a variety of sites, including nature must-sees and historical landmarks.

    1. Pitch Lake: Pitch Lake is a natural phenomenon located in La Brea village in Trinidad. It is composed of 40% pitch, 30% clay and 30% water, making the surface semi-solid and able to be walked on. It is the largest of the world's three natural asphalt lakes, and provides material to build roads for the entire country, as well as neighboring islands.

    2. Hanuman Murti: One of the coolest and most unique sites in Trinidad is its 85 foot statue of the Hindu god, Karyasiddhi Hanuman. Located in the village of Carapichaima, it is the world’s largest religious statue outside of India. The colorful statue represents wisdom and strength, and sits on the grounds of the Dattatreya Temple, where visitors come to meditate and pray.

    3. The Magnificent Seven: Located across from the Queen’s Park Savannah, the Magnificent Seven are a group of gorgeous colonial-style buildings that were built by Trinidadian men as a symbol of their wealth. Each of the mansions offer a distinct style of European architecture, and are truly a remarkable sight in the city of Port of Spain.

    4. Main Ridge Rainforest Reserve: One of the most popular eco-attractions in Tobago is the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, the oldest legally protected rainforest in the Western hemisphere. The forest offers a vast biodiversity and is a sanctuary for bird watchers. It’s no wonder that the World Travel Awards has named the reserve the World's Leading Ecotourism Destination from 2003-2007.

    5. Buccoo Reef & Nylon Pool: Buccoo Reef is Tobago’s largest reef site and is an extremely popular destination for snorkelers and divers. Glass bottom boat tours give non-divers the opportunity to view the stunning marine life in a unique way. A well-known feature of the reef is Nylon Pool, thought of as a private swimming pool in the middle of the ocean. Legend says that the pool has the properties of a fountain of youth, and going for a dip in it will make you look years younger.

    Image source: www.destinationtnt.com
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