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  • The Top 5 Things To Do in Puerto Rico

    by Nicole Introcaso

    Puerto Rico’s rich culture and diversified landscape provides an array of experiences for every type of traveler. With its distinct regions and modern infrastructure, it is a Caribbean island that can be explored in its entirety. Whether you are looking to spend a day absorbing the colors of Old San Juan or explore the island’s outstanding nature, there is a world-class attraction for everyone. Here are the top 5 things to do during your stay in Puerto Rico.

    1. Old San Juan: The gorgeous colonial city of Old San Juan is full of Spanish influenced architecture, history and art. Built on cobblestone and color, this section of San Juan is the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico. Travelers can spend the day exploring the various restaurants, museums and shops. After you’re done touring the 7 square blocks of the city, stroll down the Paseo del Morro to El Morro Fort for a walk back in time.

    2. Casa Bacardi: Casa Bacardi is ranked #1 of 41 museums in San Juan and has been awarded with TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for the past 2 years. The distillery brings in more than 250,000 visitors annually, providing guests with an unforgettable experience through its historical, rum tasting and mixology tours. On each tour, visitors will learn about the history of the brand, observe the production process and taste the most awarded rum in the world.

    3. El Yunque Rainforest: El Yunque is the only subtropical rainforest in the US Forest System and is home to more than 240 species of plants and wildlife. 28,000 acres of zig-zagging hiking trails are abundant with pristine waterfalls, streams and lookout points. All along your El Yunque adventure, you will be serenaded by the delightful melody of the coqui, a tiny rain frog unique to Puerto Rico.

    4. Bioluminescent Bays: In Puerto Rico, there are bays that glow in the dark! There are only 5 bioluminescent bays worldwide, and 3 of them happen to be in Puerto Rico. Mosquito Bay, located in Vieques, is the brightest in the world and a must-see for any adventure lover. Kayak through glowing waters, lit by micro organisms, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    5. Arecibo Observatory: The Arecibo Observatory is the world’s largest telescope. It is the perfect attraction for lovers of science and space and is an activity the whole family can enjoy. The enormous structure is powerful enough to receive signals transmitted by a comparable telescope located 1,000 light-years away. You might recognize the observatory, as it has been featured in films such as GoldenEye and Contact.

    Have you been on any of the adventures mentioned above or want to tell us about a different excursion? Share your personal experiences in the comments below!

    To find tours to these 5 attractions, check out Elegant Steering here on Caribbean BlueBook.

    Image sources: Travel Channel, Casa Bacardi

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