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  • The Top 5 Things to See in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe

    by Le Jardin Malanga Hotel

    If you are looking for a Caribbean vacation full of adventure, there is no better place to travel to than Guadeloupe! If you’re staying on Basse-Terre, the larger of Guadeloupe’s 2 main islands, there are many things to discover. With its amazing rainforest, the Cousteau reserve, the Chute du Carbet waterfall, La Soufriere volcano and its vicinity to Les Saintes, there are plenty of activities that the whole family can enjoy.

    1. The Rainforest in Guadeloupe National Park: At the foot of the verdant tropical rainforest of the Guadeloupe National Park, follow one of the many waymarked hiking trails and discover a rich ecosystem with an impressive number of endemic species.

    2. The Cousteau Reserve: Surrounding the Pigeon Islands, the Cousteau Reserve is an underwater reserve with vibrant coral reefs and gardens, protected marine life, and several wrecks that are heavily covered with sponges.

    3. The Chute du Carbet: The National Park in south of Basse-Terre includes the largest rainforest of the Lesser Antilles and is recognized for its biological diversity. One of the most popular waterfalls along the hiking trails is the Chute du Carbet.

    4. La Soufriere Volcano: The most adventurous visitors can try climbing to the summit of La Soufriere Volcano, located in the National Park. La Soufriere is affectionately referred as La Grande Dame by Guadeloupeans.

    5. Les Saintes: Located 12 kilometers from Guadeloupe, Les Saintes is formed by nine unspoiled islands, two of which are inhabited. Terre de Haut is known for its bistro lined streets, and the turquoise waters of Sugar Loaf beach, a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club. Terre de Bas also has plenty to offer - the golden sand of Grande-Anse beach is well worth the detour.

    Planning a trip to Guadeloupe? Book a stay at Le Jardin Malanga Hotel to be close to all of the attractions above!

    Images source: Guadeloupe Tourist Board
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