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  • 3 of the Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

    by Staff Writer

    Love is in the air... especially in the Caribbean! When planning a romantic getaway, you want to make sure you’ll be spending your days on white sand beaches and your nights dining by candlelight. These Caribbean destinations not only offer the most exotic environments for you and your loved one, but are also some of the best places for complete privacy and tranquility. Here is our round up of the 3 most romantic Caribbean islands.

    1. Antigua: Located just southeast of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua is the perfect destination for couples in search of a relaxing escape. Known for its 365 white sand beaches, (one for each day of the year), the island offers an endless amount of romantic accommodations and wedding venues. Vacationers can also easily hop over to the pristine sister island of Barbuda and see why the nation is said to have “two hearts with one beat.”

    2. Anguilla: Turquoise waters and secluded beaches make Anguilla one of the most stunningly picturesque and enchanting islands in the Caribbean. Seaside dining is widely available throughout Anguilla’s restaurants, allowing couples to take advantage of the soothing trade winds during both day and night. For even more privacy, head over to the remote Sandy Island and spend a day in paradise with your sweetheart.

    3. Saint Barth: Renowned for luxury accommodations and elite vacationers, Saint Barth is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean. Sunset cruises, beachside cocktails and catamaran charters are just some of the activities that add to the island’s amorous appeal. Hidden beaches, lavish hotels and gourmet restaurants keep lovers coming back for more.

    Have you visited any of these islands with a significant other? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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