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  • Sea Turtle Encounters While Snorkeling in Barbados

    by Danielle Desir

    Does an up close encounter with sea turtles sound like fun? Well, climb aboard a catamaran sailing cruise in Barbados! With snorkeling gear (and fins), watch the Caribbean Sea transform into a stunning playground.

    Aboard a spacious catamaran with Calabaza Sailing Cruise Barbados, I shared a luxurious boat with a handful of guests. The crew’s outstanding customer service created an exclusive and personalized first-class sailing experience. I had my fill of food and drink. I also had the crew’s undivided attention. The skipper served as a tour guide, and the host served food and drinks.

    As we sailed into Carlisle Bay Marine Park, our first snorkel stop, the Captain shared helpful snorkel gear tips and instructions. He patiently answered all of my questions. Within a few minutes, I (an absolute beginner), was out in the water snorkeling with sea turtles! In awe, I watched them gracefully swim past.

    The turtles were so close that I could practically touch their shells!

    Swimming with sea turtles in Barbados is a unique experience. Not too long ago, hawksbill and leatherback turtles were endangered species. They are now protected in Barbados and hunting is strictly forbidden.

    The Barbados Sea Turtle Project aims to restore the marine turtle population in Barbados. Training workshops and public awareness are just a few of their impactful initiatives. Today, Barbados has one of the largest nesting hawksbill populations in the Caribbean!

    At the second snorkel stop, we explored two underwater shipwrecks. One of the ships was the Bajan Queen, Barbados’ first tug boat. It was later converted into a party boat.

    Surrounded by colorful fauna and fish, snorkeling in Barbados was a visually stunning experience. There was so much to see underwater that the crew practically had to drag me back to the boat.

    When our group returned to the catamaran, I relaxed on the bow. With an ice-cold rum punch in hand, I enjoyed an unforgettable sunset.

    A snorkeling adventure with sea turtles is revered as one of the best experiences to have in Barbados. With good reason, it will make you want to head back to the island, in a hurry.

    Have you had the opportunity to swim with the sea turtles in Barbados? If so, share your experience with us in the comments below! 

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