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  • Experience Barbados From Coast To Coast

    by Desiree Lowe


    One of the first things I usually think about when planning a trip to any destination, is where I will stay. Sometimes you want to be in the midst of all the action and other times you want to stay off the beaten track. When planning a trip to Barbados, you may find yourself faced with this dilemma. Even though it is a relatively small island, each coast offers you a different experience. Depending on what you want out of your Barbados holiday, you may choose to stay in one area over another. To help you decide, here’s what makes each coast unique.

    South Coast
    This is known as the lively coast of Barbados. Most hotels, condos and apartments are within walking distance to restaurants, shopping and nightlife. It is very easy to get around on this coast by public transportation, taxi, rental car and even on foot. The beaches here are known for their beautiful white sand, good dive sites; small to medium sized waves with good options for swimming; and excellent wind and kitesurfing conditions. Almost every hotel on the South Coast is beachfront offering amazing views of the ocean.

    Hot spots on this coast include St. Lawrence Gap, Oistins Bay Gardens, Miami Beach, Harbour Lights, Bridgetown, and Crane Beach on the South Eastern tip. Stay on the South Coast if you want a mix of action and relaxation.

    West Coast
    The West Coast of Barbados is referred to locally as the ‘Platinum Coast’ because not only is the real estate quite expensive, it's also the only coast that allows you to enjoy the Caribbean Sea - golden sand beaches with super calm water, almost like a pool. The Platinum Coast is also the choice of some of world’s rich and famous like Rihanna and Simon Cowell, who have private villas and condos all along this coast.

    If you like designer shopping you will find some very high end stores here like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Cartier just to name a few. Many hotels on this coast are also beachfront and some even offer water taxis over to other properties. Fine dining restaurants are plentiful and getting around is also a breeze.

    Hot spots include Sandy Lane Hotel, Royal Westmoreland, Holetown, Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Port St. Charles and Port Ferdinand Marinas. Stay on the West Coast if you want a more upscale experience coupled with relaxation.

    East Coast
    This is the rugged, ‘unspoilt’ coast of Barbados. It's a stark contrast to all the other coasts because of the Atlantic Ocean with its big, crashing waves and strong currents. There’s generally no swimming on this coast and you’ll hardly find any hotels, mostly rustic guest houses, villas and inns. Surfers often stay here because it’s the home of the ‘Soup Bowl’ - a popular spot for local and international surfing competitions.

    Although it’s a great place for horseback riding, hiking and picture taking, getting around can be tricky. Plan to rent a car or a hire a taxi, as restaurants, shopping and nightlife are not within walking distance.

    Hot spots include Bathsheba, Morgan Lewis Beach, Cherry Tree Hill, Walker’s Beach, and St. John’s Church. Stay on the East Coast if you want to ‘unplug from the grid’ and get back to nature.

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