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  • The Caribbean's Initiatives to Address the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

    by CHTA

    Photo by Fusion Medical Animation.  

    In an update sent to its members on March 18, 2020, the CHTA's President and the CEO/Director General stated the following in joint message:

    "The Caribbean, and in particular the region’s tourism industry, has considerable experience in managing disruptions and risks and bouncing back. We demonstrated this post 9-11, thru SARs, Zika, hurricanes and other natural disasters over the past two decades, while experiencing unprecedented growth.

    Admittedly, nothing compares to what we are experiencing today with the global Covid-19 pandemic. The coming months will test our mettle and our ability to weather the storm. While much of what happens is beyond our control, through sound collective actions by companies, organizations, communities and Governments, we can control the duration and intensity of the pandemic. Difficult decisions which are made today will help to allow us to recover sooner and ultimately be stronger.

    There are a number of online resources which are available to help the industry to manage the crisis. CHTA has consolidated some of these and has made them available through its Covid-19 Resource Center.

    In times like these, it is also important to communicate and collaborate wherever possible. Locally, the National Hotel and Tourism Associations can be a resource for advancing the support mechanisms, advocacy, and marketing and communications efforts which are helpful to managing the crisis and its outcomes.

    At the company and organizational levels, it is important to maintain a regular and open dialogue with employees, equipping them with facts and information about the virus and good prevention and monitoring practices, providing a reality-check on the company’s situation, and above all ensuring you are fair and compassionate to their circumstances as well during these difficult times.

    Regionally, CHTA is part of a coordinating task force with the Caribbean Public Health Agency, the Caribbean Tourism Organization, and the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Center. Through that collaboration we are leveraging and coordinating resources and information.

    In addition to our online resources and coordination efforts, CHTA will continue to providing periodic updates to members, and other support to highlight areas of focus which can support your immediate readiness, contingencies which should be considered, with an eye towards recovery – which will eventually come."

    Patricia Affonso Dass
    CHTA President

    Frank Comito
    CHTA CEO and Director General

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