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  • 5 Instagram Worthy Places in the Caribbean

    by Alyssa Ramos

    It pretty much goes without saying that the Caribbean is the epitome of the perfect Instagram shot. Clear aqua water that shimmers below bright blue skies and a golden sun, framed just oh-so-perfectly by tropical palm trees on white sandy beaches. Can't you just hear them swaying in the light breeze and smell the light fragrance of sunscreen?

    Oh yes. The Caribbean is definitely worthy of a mouth-watering Instagram shot, that's sure to leave anyone who sees it in a state of pure wanderlust. I've been lucky enough to visit several places in the Caribbean, all of which I could snap shots of for days, and that you'll definitely see on my Instagram page. Here's a few of my favorite Instagram worthy places and a couple I'm dying to go to!

    Clearly, Cuba is the place to be right now for Americans who are just gaining access to the gorgeous island country, but Cuba has also been a hot spot for vacationers from the rest of the world for years on end. The old cars, and restored buildings of the touristic area in Havana make for a prime Instagram shot, and if you venture a little further, you'll find gorgeous beaches like Varadero!

    Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rico is probably the most underrated Caribbean island I've been to, especially considering that it's just so diverse and beautiful! There's the tropical beaches and glow in the dark bioluminescent bays in Fajardo and Vieques, but also lush greenery and hidden waterfalls in the El Yunque Jungle. For a cultural Instagram shot, head to Old San Juan, where you can visit beautiful forts and ruins as well.

    The Bahamas
    Most people automatically think of Nassau when they think of the Bahamas, but there are tons of smaller Bahamas Islands that are totally Instagram worthy! One of my favorites is Harbor Island, where you can go to a pink sand beach or snap a shot with the iconic Salt Tree. But perhaps the most Instagram-worthy island of all is Staniel Cay in Exuma, where you'll easily recognize famous Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas.

    Turks and Caicos
    Said to be some of the World's Best Islands, and for crystal clear reasons, Turks and Caicos are definitely making the list of most Instagram-able places in the Caribbean! Turks and Caicos actually consists of seven main islands and about forty smaller ones, some of which are still uninhabited. It's known for its luxury hotels, spas, restaurants, and of course, miles and miles of uncrowded beaches and vibrant coral reefs.

    Cayman Islands
    The world famous Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands is just one of the things that makes it so Instagram-worthy. But for the mermaids at heart, the warm, clear waters with abundant marine life also make it the perfect place for any level of snorkeler or scuba diver. Its quaint island establishments and gourmet Caribbean food also make for a pretty perfect Instagram post, especially for travel foodies!

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