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  • Flag of Martinique (France)                   

    Flag, Coat of Arms, and Tourist Board

    Martinique, with the capital city of Fort-de-France, is frequently referred to as “The Flower of the Caribbean.” It is unrivaled in beauty, with ⅔ of the island inhabited by nature. The diverse landscape allows visitors to experience lush, untamed rainforests in the north and pristine, white sand beaches in the south. A vast array of activities, history and cultural events makes Martinique the perfect Caribbean destination for families and couples.

    Martinique is located in the south of the Caribbean between Saint Lucia and Dominica, and is less than 1500 miles from Miami. With a daily average temperature of 79° F, Martinique’s weather is comparable to a never-ending summer. As an overseas region of France, vacationers can delight in the warmth of the Caribbean blended with an authentic French flair.

    Travelers can feel secure when setting out on excursions, as Martinique was recently named the safest island in the Caribbean by Caribbean Business Journal. Book a hotel in the renowned resort town of Trois Ilets, and then head out for unforgettable excursions. Some of the most popular sites include Diamond Rock, a natural formation featuring a cave system and unparalleled diving, and the Anse Cafard Slave Memorial, a reenacted slave village. For the more adventurous, a hike on Mount Pelée or navigating a 4x4 through the rainforest should make for an unforgettable experience. To absorb culture, visit Saint-Pierre, a city of art and history, or head to Fort-de-France for breathtaking architecture and shopping.

    The influence of French, African, Indian and Creole culture shines brightly through Martinique’s cuisine. The 365+ restaurants feature some of the best French Caribbean fusion, while the Route of the Rums gives guests the opportunity to visit 12 historic rum distilleries. Whether enjoying local flavors or tasting Martinique’s traditional rum aperitif, ti-punch, visitors are sure to embark on a culinary adventure.

    Fast Facts

    Capital: Fort-de-France

    Language: French

    Currency: Euro. US Dollars & major credit cards are generally accepted.

    Exchange Rate: $1.00 US = .90 Euro (January 2020)

    High Season: December - July

    Low Season: August - November

    Climate: Average daily temperature of 80.6ºF (27ºC)

    Electricity: 220 AC Voltage

    Travel Information
    few clouds

    By Air:
    As more airlines begin to offer direct routes from the US to Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport, the island is becoming easily accessible. Direct flights from Canada, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands are also available.

    Direct Flights From the US

    American Airlines: Up to 6 weekly non-stop flights from Miami
    - Departure from Miami at 10:50 am and arrival to Martinique 2:15pm
    - Departure from Martinique at 3:30pm and arrival to Miami at 7:00pm

    Norwegian: JFK, Boston, Washington DC (BWI):
    - New York (JFK): Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
    - From JFK at 1:20pm to Martinique at 7:15pm / From Martinique at 8:05 am to JFK at noon
    - Boston (BOS): Wednesdays and Sundays
    - From BOS at 1:00pm to Martinique at 6:30pm/ From Martinique at 8:00am to BOS at 11:40am
    - Baltimore/Washington DC (BWI) : Mondays and Fridays
    - From BWI at 1:00pm to Martinique at 6:25pm/ From Martinique at 8:00am to BWI at 11:40am

    - L'Express des Îles: Offers routes from Martinique to Dominica, St. Lucia and Guadeloupe, including Marie-Galante and Les Saintes islands.
    - Compagnie Maritime West Indies: Offers a rapid sea shuttle service to Saint Lucia from the Marin Bay.

    Entry Requirements:
    EU immigration rules apply. Some nationalities do not require a visa for stays less than 3 months, including US, Canadian and European citizens. All non-residents must have a valid passport and return ticket for entry. EU nationals can present a valid ID card for entry.

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