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    Flag, Coat of Arms, and Tourist Board

    Trinidad and Tobago is a twin island nation, distinct in their environments and built on individual history. Located at the southernmost end of the Caribbean chain and off of the northern coast of South America, the islands are rich in cultural diversity due to the various nationalities that settled there. Known as the land of festivals, Trinidad and Tobago hosts the largest Carnival in the Caribbean, a 2 day event full of calypso, steel pan drums and breathtaking costumes.

    Trinidad is the larger of the 2 islands, known for its energetic, cosmopolitan atmosphere and happy people. Its metropolitan capital, Port of Spain, is an entertainment hub with an array of restaurants, nightlife and shopping destinations. With its multitude of ethnic groups, there is always something to celebrate in Trinidad. Travelers can expect to encounter at least one exciting, cultural event, no matter when their trip is planned. The island also has its fair share of nature must-sees. Covered by a tropical rainforest, Trinidad offers a plethora of hiking trails, unmatched bird watching experiences and cave exploration.

    Tobago delivers an experience different from Trinidad, inviting visitors to slow down, relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean. Home to approximately 220 species of birds that can spotted from any location on the island, Tobago is truly a bird watcher’s haven. One of the most popular eco-attractions is the Main Ridge Forest Reserve, the oldest legally protected rainforest in the Western hemisphere. Adventure lovers can delight in many other activities as well, like kayaking in Buccoo Bay, snorkeling in Pirate’s Bay, dipping in Nylon Pool, considered to be a fountain of youth, or visiting the historic Fort King George.

    Both islands unite in their influence of Amerindian, African, Caribbean, Chinese, European, and Indian cultures. Their cuisine is considered an international culinary adventure, where gourmet cooking blends with indigenous originals. No trip to Trinidad and Tobago is complete without sampling local dishes, like Doubles and Bake & Shark. Whether eating street food or enjoying fine dining, visitors are sure to indulge in some unforgettable fare during their stay.


    Fast Facts

    Capital: Port of Spain, Trinidad / Scarborough, Tobago

    Language: English

    Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar. US Dollar is widely accepted.

    Exchange Rate: $1.00 US = 6.65 TTD (June 2016)

    High Season: January - May

    Low Season: June - December

    Climate: Annual temperatures range from 70ºF - 90ºF (21ºC - 32ºC)

    Electricity: 110 - 120 AC Voltage

    Travel Information
    overcast clouds

    By Air: Trinidad is served by Piarco International Airport located in Piarco, and Tobago is served by the ANR Robinson International Airport in Crown Point. Several major airlines make regular and chartered flights to both islands. Flights between Trinidad and Tobago are approximately 30 minutes.

    Direct Flights to POS From US:

    • American Airlines: Miami
    • United Airlines: Newark, Houston
    • JetBlue: New York (JFK), Fort Lauderdale
    • Caribbean Airlines: Miami, New York, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale

    Entry Requirements: A passport that is valid for 3 months longer than the intended stay and return ticket is required for entry. Depending on country of origin, an entry visa may also be necessary.

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