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    Got Friends? Invite and Earn!


    Invite More Friends. Earn Cash and Free Trips. It's that simple. Top members with the most friends are eligible for cash prizes and giveaways of free stays, gift cards and more. Participants in this giveaway will have an opportunity to win in 3 different ways:

    One: $25.00 cash once you're connected to at least 10 other friends. For each valid connection you make, you will be credited with an additional $ 1 credit, awarded to both you and each of your new friends. Credits will be posted on the Rewards tab under the Member Profile page.

    Two: The top 3 members with the most connections at the end each month will get $100 rewards credit. You can apply some or all of your rewards credit to bookings during any single month. Credits do not accumulate, and must be used during the month they are credited.

    Three: The top 3 members with at least 50 connections will be entered in a membership giveaway every quarter to win a Grand Prize of either:
     - a 3 nights / 4 days vacation at a hotel in selected destinations in the Caribbean;
     - a 4 nights / 5 days vacation at a hotel in selected destinations anywhere in the world;
     - or a gift card for the value of either of the two (2) grand prizes above.
    (Rules and black-out dates may apply at hotel's discretion. Applicable to US legal residents. Subject to our Rewards and Promotions rules.)

    To start earning, Invite More Friends. Here's how to get started:

    1. First, complete your own profile fully: add your profile image pick your interests, and update your personal details. Your friends will know it's actually you and are more likely to accept your invite.

    2. Click on the "Invite" button below; then from your Profile page, click the "Invite More Friends" button. You can then add your new friends' emails individually or upload your entire address book for faster and easier connections. Your friends will then get an automated message (which includes your profile photo and your Member ID#) to connect with you. Make sure to let them know to check their spam folder for your invite message.
    3. Your new invited friends must include your 7-digit Member ID number during their registration process to give you credit for making the connection. Your Member ID / Referral Code is located on the top of your Profile page.
    4. You can also connect with existing members by typing their names in the ‘Search bar’ on your Profile page. Alternatively you can invite more friends via text or by posting on social media accounts. Be sure to include a link to our Registration page and your Member ID to use as the referral code during their registration.

    Connections will be verified for accuracy and eligibility. Invalid profiles will be blocked and/or deleted until the information can be verified. Violators of this rule will be removed from our platform and forfeit all benefits under this giveaway.

    Good luck to all! The odds are winning are too good to pass up, so hurry up and start making connections.

    (This giveaway is subject to change and may be terminated at any time. Participants will not be notified individually for updates to this giveaway. Check back on this page for updates.)

    Enter by: December 31, 2019 Login to Enter

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    Did You Know?

    Geologists believe that the Caribbean Islands evolved from an arc of volcanoes that erupted beneath the ocean billions of years ago. For more on all Caribbean Islands, go to our Discover Guide.

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