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  • Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board

    Basse-Terre , Basse-Terre , Guadeloupe


    Start Date: January 01, 2020
    End Date: March 06, 2020


    Colourful costumes, lively music, floats and processions: Vaval is back! Carnivals are major events in the West Indies. The Sunday following Epiphany the jubilation period begins. The party gets more powerful and experiences its paroxysm on Ash Wednesday. Of religious origin, the carnival was supposed to allow Christians to party and eat meat one last time before starting the 40 days of Lent representing deprivation. Today, the very pronounced taste of the Antilles people for parties has transformed this event into a big party truly popular and completely free. The carnival is a very anticipated time of the year by kids and adults alike, it is the time for fun where all layers of society get together in the streets to dance and have fun. It is also an ordinary spectacle where groups on foot and floats parade along the streets in all colors, sounds and rythyms.


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