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    Basse-Terre , Basse-Terre , Guadeloupe


    Start Date: August 01, 2019
    End Date: January 31, 2020


    The Guadeloupe International Film Festival promotes international, regional and local films. The event features movie screenings and an awards show that nominates films that promote the Caribbean lifestyle. It is the only French-speaking film festival in the Caribbean.

    Existing for 25 years, the FEMI is an International Film Festival that works for the diffusion of quality cinematographic works and diversified formats coming from all the insular and continental Caribbean and French-speaking Africa. Each edition is characterized by a "discovery of the world" theme: China, India, Latin America, African cinemas, African-American cinema, etc. The main objective of FEMI is to contribute to the cultural development of the Caribbean through auteur cinema and to introduce young people to the professions of cinema.
    Among the prestigious guests who walked the FEMI red carpet, we had the honor of receiving international stars such as: Melvin VAN PEEBLES, Dany GLOVER, Angela BASSETT or Richard GANT.

    For 25 years, the FEMI Festival (International Film Festival of Guadeloupe) has proposed movies from all over the world to Caribbean people. Each year, a specific theme is proposed through a selection of films: Chinese, Indian, Latin-American, African-American cinemas, etc. The objective of the film is to contribute to the cultural frenzy of the Caribbean through author cinema and to introduce young people to the professions of cinema.

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