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  • Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Development Company

    # 29 Tenth Avenue , Maritime Centre , Trinidad , Trinidad and Tobago


    Start Date: March 01, 2020
    End Date: September 30, 2020


    Trinidad and Tobago are the home to some of the most important sites for sea turtles. With 80% of all leatherback nesting in the insular Caribbean, one of the world’s most important leatherback turtle nesting locations, Trinidad offers a near guarantee to witness giant sea turtles on beaches.


    Tobago has an important population of hawksbills living in its numerous coral reefs and many of green turtles inhabit the sea grass beds off the coast. The nesting population on these islands makes the conservation efforts critical. The best time to spot a leatherback is during a beach walk on Matura Beach or Grand Riviere during their nesting time from March through July. The hawksbills, found in the coral reeds of Tobago, nest from May to September.

    There are five main types of sea turtles which have been seen nesting along the northern and eastern coasts of Trinidad and Tobago. These are:



    *Green Turtles

    *Olive Ridleys


    The main nesting season for local sea turtles runs from March to September of each year. Three of the main nesting beaches - Matura, Fishing Pond and Grande Rivière - are Prohibited Areas and permission is required for the purpose of turtle viewing. Only a limited number of permits are distributed daily so be sure to apply early!

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