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  • Martinique Tourism Authority

    5 Avenue Loulou Boilaville , Fort-de-France , Martinique

    We look forward to welcoming you to Martinique so you can see first-hand what makes Martinique so Magnifique!


    Imagine paradise… Lush. Exotic. Vibrant. Alive!

    Nestled between the sea and sun, Martinique is a treasure-trove that is unique among the Caribbean islands: an exceptional natural setting with running water, mountains, gardens and forests. Thanks to the island’s surface area of only 425 square miles, everything is easily accessible. Discover the diversity of Martinique’s landscapes, its cultural heritage, its French touch, and the quality of its modern infrastructure. It is a very safe island, where ethical tourism is the norm. Martinique is a genuine Caribbean jewel, come and discover everything it has to offer…

    It’s a magical land of unmistakable allure, with delights for all the senses. The mystical scents of fragrant flowers, the majestic vistas from the towering Mount Pelée, the rhythmic sounds of native drums, the magical flavors of celebrated gastronomy; all combine to enchant and delight visitors like nowhere else on earth.

    Experience the culture through the pageantry of annual Carnival and Yole Boat Race celebrations. Taste adventure by exploring unique undersea treasures or hiking 80+ miles of well-marked trails. Live out history through many unique attractions, discovering eclectic collection of museums, strolling the streets of St-Pierre, little Pompeii or just sipping on the legendary Ti-punch at a terrasse de café. Surrender to passion by stealing away to one of the romantic hotels de charme, seaside villas, or private island hideaways. Only Martinique offers all this and more in a setting that is nothing less than a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

    The Martinique Tourism Authority was founded in 2003 and is chaired by Karine Roy-Camille. It is a public company whose main assignment is to promote the destination all around the world. The Martinique Tourism Authority takes part in the development of the tourism policy of Martinique to make it one of the most attractive islands of the Caribbean. It also strives to perform the basic analysis for a better understanding of a touristic activity and efficient choice of promotional strategy with accurate positioning. It works also on how to greet better the tourists in Martinique by increasing public awareness of the importance of the tourist industry for the economic health of the island. The Martinique Tourism Authority has also been working on increasing public awareness on the importance of the tourist industry in the island’s economy.

    It is also involved in various animation projects, whether for example in sports or culture, and provides information about festivals and events in Martinique, as well as those related to the destination. General travel information (air fares, accommodations, visa requirements) are also provided to travel agents and the general public. 

    Useful Links

    For more information, visit our Martinique page. You can also visit the Martinique Tourism Authority website.


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