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  • Martinique Tourism Authority

    5 Avenue Loulou Boilaville , Fort-de-France , Martinique


    Start Date: December 15, 2019
    End Date: December 15, 2019


    The Rum Festival is held annually in Saint-Pierre at the Saint James Rum Distillery. Event goers can enjoy rum tasting, live shows, a parade and many more promotional activities. Visitors can also purchase local products from vendors with artisanal goods, like basketry and pottery.

    In Sainte-Marie, the Saint-James distillery has created a craft village, train rides to the heart of plantations, concerts, Christmas songs and more.

    A long time ago, this festival of rum at the initiative of the workers of the distillery was organized to save the distillery. Over time, the Festival du Rhum has become a beautiful and big party to present the distillery's know-how and a showcase for all the artisans of the region and showcase local products. The Rum Museum is 97230 in Sainte-Marie

    What do we find at the Saint-Marie Rum Festival?

    A party always starts in Martinique with music; you will still find the following animations:

    Parades of musical groups on foot

    Fashion shows

    Small train rides

    Visit of the craft village

    Visit the stands



    Saint-James Rum Sale

    Rides for children

    This wonderful day is devoted to rum and sugar cane . You will find concerts, dancing, exhibitions to spend a good time with the family around the joy and good mood.

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