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  • Hotel La Pagerie

    Hotel La Pagerie

    La Pointe du Bout , Trois Ilets , Martinique

    Sea Excursions

    Start Date: January 01, 2019
    End Date: December 31, 2019

    Nautitan offers you differents activites: Boat rental, Walks, Fishing, Water skiing.

    Les Ballades du Delphis allows you to enjoy a day trip of your choice with: "Baie Trésor,"Bath of Josephine", Ballade of Sans-Soucis", aboard one of the catamarans of the Delphis.

    Kata Mambo you can discover Martinqiue and its surroundings in catamaran, 4x4 or combined. Choose your formula during the day, half-day or even week-end.

    Espace Plongée Martinique offers diving trips on the Caribbean coast from north to south on half day or a day.

    Diamond Rock you can enjoy a day trip of your choice with: "coral reefs", "Dauphins and volcano", aboard one the catamarans of Diamond Rock.

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