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  • Saint Kitts and Nevis Tourism Authority

    P.O. Box 132 , Basseterre , Saint Kitts and Nevis

    Follow your heart

    St. Kitts is truly an island of sweet memories. With roaming Black Belly sheep, unforgettable sunsets, and rainbows that appear out of nowhere. But the enchanting scents of the island will be your most vivid connection to your time spent here. The aromas of freshly baked raisin bread and sizzling barbeque. The smell of a massive beachfront bonfire. And the sweet scent of wild flowers that are said to hold the very spirits of our Kittitian ancestors.

    St. Kitts is an island that values honesty, loyalty and above all else self-pride. You can see it in the faces of the immaculately groomed, uniformed school children who wave back at every admiring passerby. You can see it in the careful preparation of every dish that is set before you. And you can see it in the warm and welcoming smiles that greet you wherever you go. You’ll also love the sense of brotherhood, of community, and mutual respect. We are an island made up of people of very diverse backgrounds, and yet we are united in our goals for one another and our vision for our future. 

    Useful Links

    For more information, visit our Saint Kitts and Nevis page. You can also visit the Saint Kitts and Nevis Tourist Board website.


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