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  • Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism

    Calle Cayetano Germosen , Avenida Gregorio Luperón , Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic


    Start Date: March 01, 2020
    End Date: March 01, 2020

    While carnival events take place around the entire country, Santo Domingo's festivals along the Malecón are the most large-scale and take place every weekend in February. Visitors can expect spectacular parades, costumed performers, dancing, rum drinking, and street food. The masks worn by the 30,000 participants in the parade symbolize good and evil.

    Carnaval in Dominican Republic 

    This long-established festivity, conjugates the traditions of legends and tales from the Spanish, accentuated with African manifestations of deities, all coming together and enriched, since the year 1510. Currently, the Carnival Vegano is celebrated every Sunday of February, finishing of the 27th day, which is the Independence proclamation of the Dominican Republic

    Currently this event is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, providing also guided tours of the carnival route in the visitor’s native language, along with the presence of the Touristic Police Taskforce (POLITUR by its denomination in Spanish) to assure the safety of all involved. We recommend our readers to participate in this family oriented event, also having the opportunity for tasting the local cuisine, and enjoying the most hip singers, both Dominican and from overseas. Finally, is always a good idea to combine the carnival experience, with a visit to Santo Domingo; in order to fully enjoy this intoxicating culture and have a feeling of the nightlife, that makes Santo Domingo one of the most attractive destinations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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